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An amazing present for my 5 years

Wow...it has been a little over 5 years since I found this amazing site--helping me through not 1 but 2 cancers. I have passed my first cancer's 5 year anniversary with little fanfair..and am approaching my 2nd 5 year anniversary. I look back and can't believe how fast these last 5 years have gone by. I honestly didn't think I would ever manage..but I did.

I remember finding this site and the amazing people who have helped me every step of the way. Some are now gone but I think of them all the time. I have become friends with so many. This site gave me a place where I could vent, feel sad, get support and just where people could understand.

A great present for my 5 year anniversary was meeting in person both Debbie and Andrea--both two of the first people to reach out to me on BFAC. Our family took a trip to Washington and I got to meet these two amazing women who have been with me every step of the way. My kids (who are now teenagers) and my husband met them both. I remember talking to Debbie after my 2nd diagnosis so worried about my little boys...and here were my two teenage boys hugging the people that they know helped their Mom along the way. What an amazing couple of hours--the conversation was effortless. What a gift that Jill has given us. I am so thankful to have found this site, made these amazing friends and to be here to celebrate.























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Wow! That is so cool and I am so happy for YOU!! Just love to hear these beautiful stories God is so good ... hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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Rachel, Awesome!! Hugs!
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Thank you for sharing your wonderful story & the friends who helped you on your journey. I fell blessed.
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Guess it's time to do a Toronto meet up soon. I think there are a few of us, but not sure. So happy you made the trip and met those wonderful gals in person. There's nothing like a face to face chat and thank you session. Glad you made the effort and found how loving everyone was to you.
Louise--I am in Mississauga so am up for a meet-up whenever you can! I'm not sure who else is in the area but it would be great to meet up. When I met Debbie and Andrea--it was kind of surreal--people who I have spoken to for so long--it really was amazing :)
Welcome to the five year club! Doing a happy dance for you! I feel the same way about finding this wonderful place - don't know what I would have done without it!
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So fun Rachel! and Congratulations! d xo
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You are so right..what a wonderful gift this is. So glad you are doing well!
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Love those photos. Brings such a warmth to my heart seeing you guys met in person. Congrats on hitting the 5 year mark. That is a big one. Big hug coming your way. xoxoxo, Jill
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Thanks for everything Jill--this site was an amazing gift for me :)
What an uplifting post, and you sound so good. I agree that meeting people are so special from BFAC, i have only met dear Helen so far and it is wonderful. It may sound funny to some but I think the more people we meet off here the more connection we all have. For instance you have met Debbie and Andrea who we all would like to meet and they have met dear Helen who I have met ....... It makes me feel that i, you, Debbie,Andrea Helen and so on are all a link in this wonderful place we call BFAC. I hope that one day I can meet you, and so many people off this sight. Thank you Jill and we will all keep the clicking going hugs xoxoxo
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So true Valerie...if I am ever visiting your area--I will definitely let you know--hopefully my work sends me there soon :)
Yes and same back at you Rachel. Hugs xoxoxo
OH yes...this site is a gift every day.
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April 2014

It was my 6 month check up today--I am 4 years in from my first gyne cancer diagnosis and coming up to 4 years for my breast cancer. I am still doing 6 month checkups with my gyne oncologist. As usual, the days leading up to this appointment have included some worry and anxiety--I know that this is my "normal" approach to these appointments. My oncologist said everything looks good--I will wait for some tests but otherwise, everything is clear. My breast oncologist is later in the year so I am Doc free for a few months :)

My appointment today coincided with my mother-in-law's appointment for palliative care. My mother-in-law is almost 6 years since being diagnosed with colon cancer and almost 3 years since her cancer spread. I sat with my husband and my in-laws during the palliative care appointment--just before my appointment. Her cancer is becoming worse and there is no treatment remaining--they will make her as comfortable as possible and have told the family to start preparing and that she will get progressively worse throughout the next couple of months. Even though it was expected, it was still such difficult news to comprehend. My children are very close to their Grandmother--talking to her twice a day (before school and after school) and see her very often as she lives pretty close. The next few months will be hard--luckily, the family is very close and tight which will help get us through.

I check in here regularly and send my love to everyone. XO



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Dear Rachel..That's wonderful news all is clear, Thank God .Make sure you continue to take care of yourself through this stressful times coming up. I am so sorry your Mother-in-law having to have pallative care.God Bless her. It's so hard too when you lose a grandparent, I loved my grandmother so much. Your boys are so cute. I will be praying for you and your family at this difficult time and if there is anything I can do , need to talk, anything I am here... hugs and love and prayers Sabina
Oh, so sad Rachel. Noone needs to go through all that information and not feel helpless and sad. Unfortunately, it is the way we prepare for our loved ones to go through the process of dying, as in being born, there is struggle and emotion. I pray that you and family become instrumental in visiting and making her last days a treasure for all of you and her grandchildren
Oh Rachel, I am so glad to read of your near-certain good news, and so sad about the paired bad news. It will be hard to think of it this way, but - I never knew any of my grandparents, who were gone before I was born, so your children are fortunate to have known their grandmother and not only that but had the opportunity to be close to her. This will test your family's strength, but I am sure it will make you all even closer.

Congrats Rach take a breather from the docs fight on
Congratulations on the good news Rachel...unfortunately the next few months will be tough ones for you and your family...My thoughts and prayers are with you all! d xoxo
So happy for you Rachel that you are doing well. Now you must go thru more difficult and painful times. I am so sorry. I will pray for all of you. Try hard to have good times and don't let the sadness of became a way of life for you or your boys! Hugs and blessings. You are such a strong woman! God bless.
Rachel, I'm so sorry to hear this about your MIL. What a hard experience for her, and for your family to have to go through. I hope she can stay comfortable in the months to come, and that you all continue to have some good times with her, esp your kids. It's so hard to lose a beloved family member. Big hugs to all~Ann
PS Very glad to hear that things are still looking good for you...let's keep it that way forever.

I'm glad you got good news on your recent check-up--that's wonderful! I know what you mean about having time off from doctors' appts--I get so tired of seeing doctors!

I'm sorry to hear about your MIL. I will keep her and all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for the update.It's nice to have good news.I'm sorry about your mother in law.I hope everything will be peaceful and painfree.Goodluck and enjoy your Doc free days.Hugs
So sorry to hear. I just lost my mother and no matter how much you think you are prepared, your not. My prayers to you and your family. LC
Just saying hi and hoping your having a good summer! Hugs!
Rachel Great News! Sorry about your MIL, I understand how hard that is on a family!I will keep her and you whole family in my prayers! Happy Birthday to you dear girl and I hope your birthday and many future birthdays to come are are all awesome Hugs xoxoxo
PS what great looking family you have! xoxo
Happy, happy birthday Rachel -- may you have dozens more! Warm celebratory hug, B
Happy B day Rachel. This might be my second time wishing you all the best. I'm hopeful you have a grand day. So sorry about your MIL. It's so special to have family around during this time of her journey. She must be scared, and will likely need as much love from her family as possible. BE brave and be strong for her.
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